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so theres no option to play on mac D:



and so on.

what happened?



Thanks for submitting this question. I looked into it and I don't think its an error that is within the game I can fix sadly . It most likely could be a problem on your end. 

Thanks. C&D Cardboard Games. 

Oh i see..

Thanks for telling me,

My computer "Always Has Been" like that on itch games

Hey, No worries man. Yea sometimes your computer hates the games you play haha. I get it all the time to sometimes for certain games.  Your welcome! 

C&D Cardboard Games


I know this would be a great game BUT when i go to open the file it doesn't open.  :(

Did you download the zip? Or the proper file that works with your computer. Also did you try downloading both the files? 



i was eating a bowl of captain crunch while i was playing this game


Haha! Nice!


yep and he was like u will never get my boxes of captain crunch and i was like too late b$tch


This game was scary as hell, for what it is, its highly underrated. I thouroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be checking out the other games like this one.


Holy crap.. This game was intense as hell. By the time I was done my keyboard was drenched in sweat. This is one of the best survival horror games that I have ever played, I enjoyed it way more than the original slender.. Especially because it was kinda funny. Although a bit difficult and annoying at times, I enjoyed the game and am looking forward to future projects!

Thanks! I hope your keyboard is ok! :0

I had an idea to make this game become a lot more popular I was hoping you could consider an online gaming version. A version where you can play with other players online. Like one player could be captain crunch, another player could be the bird or the dog, and the rest could be the people looking for the captain crunch boxes. Just an idea I think would make the game a lot more exciting and fun. 


Least Favorite Cereal it was fun

I have an idea for some random events in Crunchy,

Crunchy's day off: Berry the bear replaces Crunchy.

Bunky's crunchies: Bunky will ambush the player while disguised.

A blustery storm: The island gets a heavy thunderstorm, making the gameplay harder.


how do you play the game


how do i get in the game to play it?

Does it matter which download i pick cause there is two?

Well One pack is for 64 bit computers and another is for 32 bit computers. Check which version your computer is and download the one accordingly.

how do you play it 

You download the file that is on the game page, and unzip it on your desktop. 

Then you click on the folder and click the unreal engine crunchy exe file and from there  you can play. 

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Deleted 2 years ago

So answer to your first question I believe soo, as long as your computer runs windows it should be fine. Now your second question for Crunchy the group and I used unreal, as well as in the creation of toasty I used unreal engine. 

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

So Yes it does require you to code in Unreal engine, there are two methods in which  you can code.

  1. C++ Coding Language which uses Visual Studio in order to code. 
  2. BPS(Blueprint Script) This is a drag and drop style of programming which will require you to have a understanding of logic. 

Also No it doesn't cost any money to create on unreal unless you are making and selling games via a market like steam I believe. I am not sure on that. 

Though it is totally free to create again unless like I said above or your paying to buy assets from the market. If your interested in creating in Unreal you can download it from the EPIC website via the epic games installer. 

Deleted 2 years ago

it was a good game.

can I play this game with my friends like a multiplayer?

Sadly this game does not have any multiplayer support thanks for the question :D.


Great game, enjoyed my date with the Cap

I am sure he also enjoyed your company too haha! 


I really enjoyed your game, it's so fun xD


Fun Game 

the first jumpscare scared me so bad

good game

Can I download this game in Mac? 

Hello sadly you cannot download the game on mac. 


great fun game



Will the New Crunchy update include random events like demonic Captain Crunch?


Good question, I haven't thought about that currently tbh. Maybe one day there will be an update to this game but as of right now, there are no plans on making an update as of yet. 


This game is very cool! nice work bro! i enjoyed your game :)


I gave this game a go because of dashiegames and I absolutely

love it!


we got the ending! 


this is amazing


Hey, i'm having some trouble installing the game.  I downloaded the file but it says I need an app installer to play it. I tried downloading the first app installer I could find but it only works for Microsoft products. Can anyone give me some advice?

or not. I guess I can just not play the game.

Interesting, are you using Mac or Windows? Also did you install a zip program like winrar or 7zip. Sorry for the late reply. 

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Whoever voiced the captain deserves a Oscar.


I am going to be completely honest, this game deserves a higher rating!
Although the graphics quality is quite low, I believe this was your intention, and the sound/music more than makes up for it, which I admire.

To have gained 50+ followers from a single game is quite impressive, and you should be proud. I for one know just how hard it is to gain a following on here, but you've gotten through the hardest stage, please continue to release new titles as your page will grow exponentially.

The difficulty was perfect i think it took me 4-5 attempts on normal.
Those who say it is too hard just ignore them, you've already catered to them by making an 'easy' mode.
It was an all round good experience.

Thanks man this really means a lot, trust me. I won't lie I am surprised too. I will also be honest the next games I make won't be as great but your right to be honest. 

I just have to keep grinding it out. I ain't the best at this stuff so again its crazy to see the following and all that. Overall thank you for the message. Ye about the graphics  I intentionally wanted to make it that way for that blocky style of game. 

I am glad you Enjoyed it! Thanks Again for the message.

Deleted 47 days ago

Ok this is a dumb question but what screen recorder are you using

Deleted 47 days ago

This is truly scary.


fun game! but what the hell is the menu music

Well....lets just say I spiced it up a bit haha.

but whats the song that you "spiced up" called

I believe it was a commercial that Captain Crunch ran back in the day. I pretty sure this is where I made the song from. 


:O i hear it. its that commerical but a little disorted!

Yea! haha! I worked my magic and it came out to that sounded nice so I stuck with it.


One of the best itch games iv ever played



I TOOK THE CRUNCH! nice game well done! 




it was funny, the loud noises and the jumpscares made it  scary but most importantly, it was really fun and i love it!

Thanks Glad you Enjoyed it.


Tasked with locating the missing boxes of Captain Crunch cereal, will be survive the prowling Captain Crunch long enough to escape with the goods?


Very cool captain crunch horror game!  I liked the game design and style too. 

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