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Crunchy is Here! 

He took Crunch Corp's prized Cereal boxes and has hidden them in an undisclosed location. The CEO Calls you and asks you to retrieve his prized boxes and return them to him personally. Can you survive? 

Project Info:

This project was first created a year ago, with co-creator I Love Roblox. After much delays due to life stuff the project got revived a week ago, after being flat lined. Thus the project was polished and completed to the working and playable condition it is now.  

This project was a Collaboration between myself, Dave Microwaves Games, Padre Snowmizzle, and Micro Horror Arcade. 

Enjoy! :D

 ps: Thank You Dave Microwaves Games, Padre Snowmizzle, Micro Horror Arcade, and I Love Roblox.


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Crunchy (64 Bit).rar 201 MB
Crunchy (32 Bit).rar 165 MB

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I can't launch the game

Error: LowLevelFatalError


And idk wtf to do, thats really offensively :(

is there not one of  chrome :(


Really enjoyed this game!! Keep up the good work, actually managed to beat it :)

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I can’t get the game):

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. If your unsure how to download the game follow this video: 

Or if its another issue that is causing you to not be able to get the game then it might be your computer. 


C&D Cardboard Games.


Every time i download my tabs keep opening

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for me, windows asked me to open this in (insert app here). i got confused and told it to open in firefox and now every time i download it it opens in firefox. im confused. it would give me a rar file, not a zip

Hi SamBoi,
I am assuming  you probably do not have winrar installed. As a zip file or .rar, you  will be able to open up in any file extraction program. I would suggest you install winrar if you don't have it.  The open app here in windows is because window's does not know what to do with the file since it doesn't have anything to properly  run it or open it up. 

My advice to you is download winrar or 7zip and re download  the game. 

If you have any more issues feel free to reach out here.

C&D Cardboard Games. 


It worked thank you  the Game is awsome   the gump scares got me at some parts   very great game


Hello again I cant seem to find the EXE file it is only giving me the RAR file?

Hello Combat_Cowboy, Inside the RAR File it should contain the file to run the game properly.  You must download the RAR file and extract the contents in a folder or your desktop. 


C&D Cardboard Games. 

Thank you so much I will try that and tell you if it works

hello looks like an awsome game but when I open the save file for the game i opens for a split second then it shuts down agenIi dont know how to fix it if you can help me that would be very great thank and keep the the awsome work 

Hello Combat_Cowboy,
I have one question are you trying to properly open the game via the zip file or messing around with game files? I only ask this because the game does not have a saving system meaning you should open it via the EXE file that was included in the zip file. You must extract the contents of the zip file to your desktop or in a folder and open the .exe. If you are messing with save files it will produce funny behavior because there is no save functionality in the game. 


C&D Cardboard Games. 

this is scary

love the game bro!!!


Awesome game! I got scared!

great game, but I died to the dog a few times and I don't know what he does :/

Hello Shadow Jagger,

Seymour will steal your boxes of cereal on easier difficulties. Where as on hard mode he will instantly kill you. 

On easier modes he takes boxes of cereal on hard difficulty he will kill you. 

Hope that helps. 

C&D Cardboard Games. 


O, thank you :)

When I try to launch it it says there is no app or program associated with it. How do I fix this?

how do i download it

like step by step

You basically click the download now button.

Then you can choose if you want to donate or not. But if you don't click a button called "no thanks take me to the download" you will get a zip file. Extract or move the contents of the zip file to your desktop 

That is how you download the game. 


C&D Cardboard Games

so theres no option to play on mac D:



and so on.

what happened?



Thanks for submitting this question. I looked into it and I don't think its an error that is within the game I can fix sadly . It most likely could be a problem on your end. 

Thanks. C&D Cardboard Games. 

Oh i see..

Thanks for telling me,

My computer "Always Has Been" like that on itch games

Hey, No worries man. Yea sometimes your computer hates the games you play haha. I get it all the time to sometimes for certain games.  Your welcome! 

C&D Cardboard Games


I know this would be a great game BUT when i go to open the file it doesn't open.  :(

Did you download the zip? Or the proper file that works with your computer. Also did you try downloading both the files? 



i was eating a bowl of captain crunch while i was playing this game


Haha! Nice!


yep and he was like u will never get my boxes of captain crunch and i was like too late b$tch


This game was scary as hell, for what it is, its highly underrated. I thouroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be checking out the other games like this one.


Holy crap.. This game was intense as hell. By the time I was done my keyboard was drenched in sweat. This is one of the best survival horror games that I have ever played, I enjoyed it way more than the original slender.. Especially because it was kinda funny. Although a bit difficult and annoying at times, I enjoyed the game and am looking forward to future projects!

Thanks! I hope your keyboard is ok! :0

I had an idea to make this game become a lot more popular I was hoping you could consider an online gaming version. A version where you can play with other players online. Like one player could be captain crunch, another player could be the bird or the dog, and the rest could be the people looking for the captain crunch boxes. Just an idea I think would make the game a lot more exciting and fun. 


Least Favorite Cereal Now......lol it was fun

I have an idea for some random events in Crunchy,

Crunchy's day off: Berry the bear replaces Crunchy.

Bunky's crunchies: Bunky will ambush the player while disguised.

A blustery storm: The island gets a heavy thunderstorm, making the gameplay harder.


how do you play the game


how do i get in the game to play it?

Does it matter which download i pick cause there is two?

Well One pack is for 64 bit computers and another is for 32 bit computers. Check which version your computer is and download the one accordingly.

how do you play it 

You download the file that is on the game page, and unzip it on your desktop. 

Then you click on the folder and click the unreal engine crunchy exe file and from there  you can play. 

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

So answer to your first question I believe soo, as long as your computer runs windows it should be fine. Now your second question for Crunchy the group and I used unreal, as well as in the creation of toasty I used unreal engine. 

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

So Yes it does require you to code in Unreal engine, there are two methods in which  you can code.

  1. C++ Coding Language which uses Visual Studio in order to code. 
  2. BPS(Blueprint Script) This is a drag and drop style of programming which will require you to have a understanding of logic. 

Also No it doesn't cost any money to create on unreal unless you are making and selling games via a market like steam I believe. I am not sure on that. 

Though it is totally free to create again unless like I said above or your paying to buy assets from the market. If your interested in creating in Unreal you can download it from the EPIC website via the epic games installer. 

Deleted 1 year ago

it was a good game.

can I play this game with my friends like a multiplayer?

Sadly this game does not have any multiplayer support thanks for the question :D.


Great game, enjoyed my date with the Cap

I am sure he also enjoyed your company too haha! 


I really enjoyed your game, it's so fun xD


Fun Game 

the first jumpscare scared me so bad

good game

Can I download this game in Mac? 

Hello sadly you cannot download the game on mac. 


great fun game



Will the New Crunchy update include random events like demonic Captain Crunch?


Good question, I haven't thought about that currently tbh. Maybe one day there will be an update to this game but as of right now, there are no plans on making an update as of yet. 


This game is very cool! nice work bro! i enjoyed your game :)


I gave this game a go because of dashiegames and I absolutely

love it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxO_f6rm1lw

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