Crunchy! Released!

Crunchy Finally Launched! 

It is finally time, Crunchy has finished development and being released here to all of you. 

I hope you will all enjoy this game. 

This was a collaboration between myself, Dave Microwaves Games, Padre Snowmizzle, I love roblox, and Micro Horror Arcade. 

I wanna thank them all for helping with the project and the effort they put in to making this game the best it could possibly be. 



Crunchy (64 Bit).rar 184 MB
Nov 30, 2019
Crunchy (32 Bit).rar 165 MB
Nov 30, 2019

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the file is a .RAR not a .ZIP. it will never work every time i try it on a different computer it allways has a error just like the game thirstiest time of the year game. if there is nothing you can do please try to export it using unity or if you can send me the project so i can see why there is a error. if you can not it is ok.

and there is no file that has the name binaries. ill show a pic of the files i got a hold of.

The image shows all the files it came with.

And could you do a video about how to run it. if you can.

Just use Winrar or 7zip to unzip the .rar folder to play it normally. You don't need an external application or engine to run it.

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nevermind i got it to work it was the extractor i have it was only a gzip exrator so sorry for the replying.